Thursday, April 30, 2009

Iceman's Big Move

Iceman was moved to the rescue side of the ranch today, out of the Isolation area and into the normal population. He is now in the Hospice area. He has a larger corral next to other geldings and can go into the attached turn out area. Eric is working with him on catching and leading...

We moved Iceman in the trailer as it would have been a very long walk to get him from where he was to the Hospice. Eric and the guys got him in and back out again...
He seemed happy and content in his new home...

He explored his corral...

He was interested in his new enviroment.

Now he can begin to interact with other horses.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Eric and Iceman

Written by Eric 4/21/09:

When I walked into Iceman's stall today, he was eating breakfast and looked happy, but something was different. It took me a second, but then I realized that he was no longer wearing his lead rope! He just had the clamp hanging from his halter. I just took a deep breath, shook my head, and just laughed. I looked all around for his lead, but could not find it. Junior was helping me clean out his stall but he could not find his lead either. We finally found what was left of it buried under his hay. I guess he stepped on it just right and it was eventually unraveled.

I thought about this minor setback for a moment, and then decided to try my luck. Once Iceman seemed comfortable with me being in his stall again, I took a new lead rope and slowly walked up to him. Slowly but surely I inched my way up, scratching from his butt to his neck until I was able to connect the new lead to his halter. It felt great once this was setbacks, no problems. We worked for a few hours on contact and Iceman stayed focused, licking his lips and processing what was happening. This time I was prepared and brought along some grooming tools. I was on his left side, so I was able to actual get alot of hair off of him from his neck down to his tail. Maybe next time I can do the same to his right side. His freezemark is looking great. It doesn't seem to be bothering him, and there is definitely no signs of itching or irritation.

Thankfully, Daria walked over and was able to snap a few pictures of us. Iceman was really relaxed, so I asked Daria if she wanted to try. She slowly made her way over, talking to him the whole way, and eventually he had excepted her and she was able to make some contact. Iceman is really starting to catch on with leading, its just a matter of time before we are walking together down to the turn out.

It was such a great day today with Iceman!
Getting close...

Up and down the legs...

Facing off...

Daria and Iceman...

What a great Mustang!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Saturday 4/18/09

"Iceman seems to be doing really great and recovering nicely. I brought Augustus over on Thursday to see him and they actually ran around and had so much fun together playing "Mustang."

It was so cool to see Iceman really stretching his legs and interacting. He was having a great time and it really felt good to know he was feeling much better.

We worked on contact and as usual I was able to rub all over his body, down his legs, and up to his neck with my hand. Using my carrot stick as an arm extension, I was able to rub all over his head, nose, and ears without him moving away. Iceman even had some curiousity toward the stick and was sniffing it and chewing on it a bit. We have also been working on leading.

Before I left on Thursday, he was taking three steps after I put some tension on the lead line. Once the release happened, he was licking his lips and processing what was going on. Iceman is staying focused and paying attention more, looking directly at me instead of turning away, so I think he is catching on.

Iceman and Gus kick up their heels!

Go Guys!

A cool pic!

He has put on alot of weight...

Great trot Iceman!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Iceman in Action!

I went into the big Isolation area today where Iceman is currently living to pick up wind blown trash, check on him, etc.

He took one look at me, snorted, and went the other way! It was really cute- he is feeling good and his swelling is way down. He was enjoying the crazy weather.

He must have thought- "There's that girl who paid to have my brain surgery- I'm outta here!"

"Oh no you didn't come into my corral!"

"Adios Muchacha!"

Looks like he is about ready to get to work for real!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Eric's Take for 4/9/09

This was from Iceman Project Manager, Eric, on 4/9/09. (I have fallen a little behind in my postings, sorry!)

"Iceman is looking really good and seems to be feeling much better. I had a pretty good look at his freezemark and it seems to be healing very nicely as well. I spent yesterday afternoon with him for a while and just walked around his area, following him around and keeping him moving. When he is walking, he looks smooth and not quite as stiff as before.

Today I spent about an hour with him before I took off for the day. He got some pretty good exercise, alot more trotting and moving quickly today. I followed him into his main stall and decided to go ahead and make some contact with him. After a few minutes, he calmed down and I was able to get right up next to him and rub the right side of his body from his neck down to his butt. I was also able to get down to where the dried blood is on his right hind leg and work at getting some of that off to. I was happy that he was letting me get so close again and tolerating me after his big ordeal, but next time I will bring a brush in my back pocket and put it to use :) Also, I spent some time on the end of the lead with him, inching my way up and slowly moving forward as we were facing each other. With him facing me, I was able to get a few inches away from the clip. He didn't turn away quickly and give me his back end, so definitely some good progress there.

He is going to be a great horse."

Hi Eric!

He's looking great, nice and fat...

In about two weeks, we will move him up to the other side of the rescue where we can spend more time with him and he can be in the center of the action...

Monday, April 6, 2009

Sunday and Monday

Monday: Iceman is eating great and roaming throughout his large area in Shiloh's "Maximum Security Isolation Area".

Here is another picture of him in the wild...

On Sunday Eric wrote:

"Iceman is looking good. He does have a little bit of swelling, but not any more than what is to be expected.

I followed him around a bit today, keeping him moving, and he even broke into a slow trot a few times. His freezemark his looking really good too. It doesn't seem to be itchy or bothering him yet. He does seem a bit more untrusting and skittish since the last time I saw him, but after what he has recently been through I dont blame him. Plus, he is still getting used to seeing through the fly mask.

Iceman did receive a surprise visit today though. Frank Stevens and his wife stopped by to visit with him. Frank is a Goodsprings resident and has enjoyed watching Iceman for the last few years out in the wild. He is neighbors with the folks who were involved in the nuisance situation. Frank was the guy who kept me informed on what Iceman was doing, and helped me to try and keep him away from their property and mares. I called Frank after Iceman was delivered to let him know that he was in good hands and basically a local boy again, and that he could come say hello anytime he wished.

I did manage to make a little bit of contact with Iceman today, but didn't overdo it. Hopefully after another weeks time he will be feeling much better and I can start back with the gameplan.""

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Iceman's Brain Surgery!

Iceman was gelded on Wednesday. He did excellent, nice and calm!

Dr. Schur checked his vitals...

Then she sedated him. He stood quietly as she worked on him.

Commencing brain surgery!


It was so windy that the guys had to hold up wood as a wind break...
Then, it was time for his freeze brand! The BLM was on hand to do it. They kept the brand on long enough to make Iceman's hair fall out and stay out. It will not grow back in white, so we should be able to see it. His full Freezemark reads 03609709, his special, unique ID # is the 9709 part.

His wolf teeth were removed...

Then, as soon as he was awake, he hopped right up! No laying around like a domestic horse for him!

When he was down, we got a fly mask on him to protect his blue eyes from the bright sun.

Poor Iceman! But, now his new life can truly begin.