Thursday, June 25, 2009

New Video and Photos

Watch this short video (taken on 6/24/09) of the progress that Eric has made with Iceman. Iceman is staying relaxed and learning to follow Eric and accept some pressure on the lead.

Wonderful Job, both of you!

Here are some photos taken the same day.

In the Hospice Turnout.

Having some fun!

Go Iceman!

He is such a nice gelding who has come so far and has a bright future ahead.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Iceman and Eric 6/18/09

Its been very hot and muggy out at the ranch the last few days, so we have been taking it easy.

Iceman is doing so much better with walking through the gate into his turn out. On Wednesday we did some lungeing and Iceman enjoyed three hours of turn out time, slowly checking out every inch of the area and stopping to check out the nearby horses. Today we worked briefly on leading and did some more exercise.

Iceman finished out his day by enjoying at least two hours in his turn out area.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Iceman in the turn out 6/10/09

Iceman enjoyed some turn out time yesterday. He is doing so well and Eric is doing wonders with him...

All alone...
Visiting the Mare Motel side of his turnout...
Let's go!
Having fun...

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Iceman on 6/9/09

He watched me for a while...

Then got bored and went back to eating his bran mash...

Iceman and Eric- The Showdown 6/7/09

It was a windy day and the horses were all feeling frisky...
Looking alert...

What's up Eric?

Leading lesson today? I don't think so!

Who's leading who?

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sharil and Iceman, Saturday 6/6/09

Sharil went in and spent some quality time with Iceman today...

He enjoyed the scratches...

Good Job, Sharil!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Iceman 5/28/09- More Leading...

Worked with Iceman for about three hours today. We spent some time reinforcing what we know to be safe, and then made leading the main focus of the day. Without much effort, I was able to lead Iceman through his gate and into the turnout area. I dropped his lead and let him check everything at will for a few minutes. He didn't make it too far from his stall at first, but he was snorting up a storm and taking everything in.

After some time had passed, I went over to Iceman and grabbed the lead without any issues and spent the rest of the time exploring his new turnout. We slowly made our way from one end to the other, checking out all of the new horses, enjoying the "elbow room" and constantly licking our lips. Robin was nearby and managed to snap a few pictures of us and had fun being on the other end of the lead as well for a few minutes.

Eventually, we left Iceman to explore the new area on his own, and before I left for the night he had moved back into his stall and enjoyed his dinner.

In the attached turn out...


Come on Iceman!

Iceman 5/25/09

Well, after a week and a half off from working, it was time to get back into the swing of things with Iceman. Dave was lending a helping hand today, which is always appreciated, and some really great progress was made.

We continued to work on catching and leading, but the real progress of the moment is being able to make contact with his right side now. Iceman's light bulb finally came on and allowed us to move in without much hesitation. You can now make contact all over his right side, including his belly and halfway down the legs. Dave worked with him for a bit in the afternoon and then I finished out the evening. Iceman still isnt sure about leaving the comfort of his stall and venturing out into the turnout area, but it should not be much longer. We are definitely looking forward to the week ahead.

The submission to is complete, so make sure everyone keeps their fingers crossed that Iceman becomes the next Cover Star for the magazine. We should hear back on or about June 15th.
Go Dave!

Dave and Iceman.

Eric and Iceman.