Friday, October 29, 2010

Iceman 10/29/10

Iceman had an awesome day today and is still re-adjusting to his surroundings. He had a great time spending most of the day in one of our sandy turnouts. He ran all over, rolled, and played hard with a few of the board horses. He was kicking and bucking and really cutting loose, and it proved for some great entertainment for everyone around. Iceman is such a beautiful and unique Mustang, and is always a pleasure to watch.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Welcome back, Iceman! 10/28/10

Just wanted to take a quick moment and welcome Iceman back to the ranch. As you all know, he has been at Joe Weitekamp's place for a few months for some professional training and just returned last night.

Eric was able to greet him this morning for a warm welcome back and Iceman seems to be settling in to his "new again" environment very well. We are all very excited to have him back to our ranch and see his progress first hand. More to come soon!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Iceman Update 10/15/10

Eric finally made it out to Diamond W Ranch today to meet up with Joe Weitekamp and see how Iceman was doing. Unfortunately, due to busy schedules and distance, we haven't been able to keep up with this blog as much as we would have liked to over the last few months so thanks for being patient and staying with us. :)

As you can see, Iceman is doing fantastic. He looks great and has kept a healthy weight while he has been away. He has learned a great deal of ground work and doesn't spook as much as he used to. The biggest challenge with Iceman is just breaking through, and this is mostly due to his age and being a loner for so many years out on the open range. But all in all, we are proud of what has been accomplished, extremely thankful that he can be handled by others now, and hopefully be on his way to a permanent home very soon. As we have said before, if you or anyone else is interested in adopting Iceman, please contact us at

Joe has done an amazing job and we cannot thank him enough! :) Thanks, Joe!